About the association

National Association of chefs of Kazakhstan is a public organization that unites employees of the catering and hospitality established in September 2003.

The main purpose of its establishment is the preservation and development of national culinary culture, food and hospitality of the Republic, the coordination and creation unites the nucleus of an atom in the field of public power, promoting the profession of chef among young people, the creation of a single information center.

The mission of the organization
National Association is the professional organization of Kazakhstan chefs, culinary industry standards of food and hospitality with the purpose of increasing the working of Kazakhstan.

We achieve these goals through professional education, training, international exchange of experience and professional development of Association members. As the only in Kazakhstan Association of chefs – we are a member of the world Association of culinary unions (Worldchefs — The World Association of Chefs’ Societie) – the international public organization uniting more than 10 million chefs from 93 countries of the World.