For us, the Olympics is not only a show of talent, but also an excellent school of mastery, introduction to Haute cuisine, a serious test for compliance with the international requirements level of our specialists. Transparency and Openness of the competition, the judging impartial and equal conditions for the participants showed the best professionals who will proudly represent our country abroad.

Today Russian national team will participate at the International Olympiad in Germany. Apart. Each region has a culinary Association In Russia, we still only. Kazakhstan For 12 years, participated in this event for the first time. After all, the chef can demonstrate his command of a variety of technologies is very valuable when large competitions. The judges evaluate taste, presentation, originality of the dishes. The judging will be in the kitchen more options: the technique of preparation, organizational skills, product disposal, sanitation, professionalism, and preparation time.

“Classic cooking get Up to the heights of excellence with Us!” — these words opened the International culinary Olympics in Nomofilov, President of the Interregional Association of cookery specialists In Tomsk. I. At the Olympics was attended by 16 teams: Ukraine, Yakutia, Serbia, Germany, Kazakhstan and Russia: Ekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Tomsk, etc. Competitions were held at the Palais des spectacles.

G. the National team of the Republic of Kazakhstan. President Kokshetau represented, so far only in Kazakhstan, Association of cooks of Akmola region E. Mashinskaya. I. the team comprised:

1. And Frantsuzova. A. cook LLP “Dastarkhan”

2. Mikhailenko N. cook LLP “Dastarkhan”

3. Hasenov N. K. cook LLP “Dastarkhan”

4. E. N. A. confectioner trade and production complex “viola”

5. A. Gabdullin. the waiter in the restaurant “Astana”

The first day of competition.

We presented the national cuisine were presented: cold appetizer, a hot Banquet meal, dessert (“Excess”-t “Shalgam”, Lumbar, dessert “Pearl of Kazakhstan”)

The second day of competition.

“Service class”. Was submitted to the national Desk.

The third day of competition.

Individual competitions of cooks and confectioners.

The exhibition “Art class” is a separate kind of competition.

All classes were evaluated according to the requirements of WAX (world Association of culinary unions). The work was appreciated by the chief juror, pastry chef-jury service-jury. The team played At the opening and closing ceremonies in professional formal attire, the rest of the time in professional work clothes, which produced for us th “Fuchs” g”.Almaty.

The purpose of the Olympiad is to popularize and improve the prestige of the profession of culinary classics culinary arts, exchange of experience.