10-12 April 2013 in the city of Kislovodsk of Stavropol territory in the exhibition center “Caucasus” took place the international festival “classics ” Commonwealth”. Festival organizers: the Government of Stavropol territory, the interregional Culinary Association of Russia, North Caucasus Association of Cooks, the Administration of city-resort of Kislovodsk.

The festival was held the following events: team event, Art class, individual competitions of cooks, confectioners, bartenders competition, competition “Barbecue”.
The judging panel consisting of 25 people was:
Chairman: The President Of The Association Of Chefs In Russia.B.Belyaev.

Honorary member of the Association of Cooks of Russia, the editor of the journal “Nutrition
and society” N Novogilova.And.;
T. Sharova, President of the world Association of Culinary unions.N.;
Member of the Association of Cooks of Russia, lead instructor and founder
“School of chocolate” g”.Suchkova E. Moscow.And.;
The President Of The North Caucasus Association Of Cooks Of A. B. Lee;
Lost happiness elite of Russia: among them leading chefs, chef,
confectioners, bartenders, candidate of pedagogical Sciences from Moscow, Caucasus,
Ekaterinburg, Stavropol, Pyatigorsk, Azerbaijan.
The team represented the culinary Association of the Republic of Kazakhstan KSU “Building and technical College №1, the city of Kokshetau” of the Department of education of Akmola region comprising:
The team captain is senior master:
Irina Ibragimova;

Chef – teacher of spec.disciplines:
Shaimuratov Irina Vladimirovna;

Master of industrial training:
Sbitnev Larisa

Confectioner – master of industrial training:
Tumgoev Valentina

The waiter – master of industrial training:
Nurgul Amanzholova Rahimeen

Participated in the team competition category R, practical class with wine tasting (dinner consisting of three courses, design and layout). And in Art class: Category ” D ” (of food).
In the team competition were from the national thematic table on “the Greatness of a country in the hands of the young”, and national Kazakh cuisine: cold appetizer, poultry and vegetables, besbarmak, khymyz, baursaks, desserts with cheese, three kinds of sauces.

In the team competition were 15 teams from Nevinnomyssk, Mineral waters, Kislovodsk, North Caucasus Federal University, Togliatti, Russia, the Urals, the don College classic culinary arts, Nizhny Tagil, Ekaterinburg, Azerbaijan, Alanya, Samara, Republic of Kazakhstan in Kokshetau.
By results of competitions the team of the KSU “Building and technical College №1 in Kokshetau city” was awarded the “Grand Prix” of the head of the city – resort of Kislovodsk N. B.Lutsenko, handmade Cup, diploma and medals for all team members.

— Diploma “For the preservation of national traditions” in the category Art class (articles of food) composition “the eagle” and “the Mosque” — the author of the teacher special.Sarina Lyudmila disciplines.
— Diploma “For the best presentation”, “For the preservation of national traditions” from Azerbaijan Association of cooks.

Gathering the best specialists from many countries and regions provided an opportunity to visit the exhibition and Warm hospitable land hotel and restaurant business “southern hospitality”, as well as master-class: “Baking bread in French, Italian, Russian equipment, a master class for bartenders”, master-class “confectionery art”, “practical tips in the hotel business” training workshop “Banquet service”, the seminar “Healthy food, development prospects”.
The administration had proposed further cooperation Kislovodsk multidisciplinary College was assigned to our team (masters on the basis of their internship, student exchange, etc.).

I. O. B Director.Sergazin