In 2017 Astana will host the Grand event the EXPO. This is a significant event in the tourism industry and hospitality as Astana and Kazakhstan in General. Preparing for such a big event has begun already. August 22, 2013 a Major American company Horwath HTL Astana organized a workshop on the development of a Master plan for the development of the tourism industry regions the subject of EXPO-2017, which was attended by the culinary Association of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The seminar was initiated by the Department of investment policy and tourism resources in the tourism industry Committee of MINT RK. In its framework was considered the most attractive regions such as Astana and Akmola region, Almaty and Almaty oblast, Ust-Kamenogorsk and East Kazakhstan, South Kazakhstan region, the location of the silk road, and Caspian coastal zone Aktau.

The time was obviously not enough and there were many Questions, for their detailed consideration, so the seminar was conducted mainly in Astana and Akmola region. At the moment it is the most developing region of the country, with the most promising and interesting projects. At the beginning of the seminar the Guests from different countries told about foreign experience of America, and what attracted the tourists from all over the world. Many have focused on the cultural heritage of the country, such as India, China and many European countries have a long history, it is also very common type of tourism technological, cutting edge, certainly this is one of the most common types of Spa tourism.

It was noted that Kazakhstan is fully capable to realize all these types of tourism, clearly there is great potential that it is possible to implement. The main objective pursued by all participants, is the need for the creation and preparation of projects dedicated to “EXPO-2017”, knew and showed serious attention to the current question is rather opening prospects of this project.

It was a Lot of proposals and large-scale and small, which, according to all participants, definitely would demand and attractiveness for tourists. The most interesting project was the creation of Ethno-yards, to be able to show the identity and culture of the Kazakh people, the more that there is sufficient interest among the world community to Kazakhstan. The idea was supported by our American colleagues, they in turn shared their experience and similar places in other countries. For the project the Ethno-this location was chosen two possible directions to the resort area Borovoye in Kurgaldzhino reserve households, each of them has its advantages and is quite suitable for this project.

The workshop participants shared their thoughts on needed projects that would be interesting to build in Astana, one of them is the construction of the dome project with real sea water, sand and year-round indoor climate, maximum simulates the beach.

Our young country is still Much to do, for the development of tourism, many “buts”, but despite this, it was quite an optimistic mood and understanding that we have a very rich country and a very promising future in the tourism industry.