The preservation of national traditions and the Association for the development of November 10, 2013 in Ekaterinburg in the framework of the Youth Forum Russia-Kazakhstan “Leadership and innovations in the XXI century: vision for the future” was held the signing of a tripartite Memorandum of intentions for cooperation of stakeholders for the development and defence of the thesis of traditions, knowledge and experience in the culinary field in Eurasia.

This Memorandum is intended to inaugurate a new era in culinary cooperation of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan in the school environment with the support of ANO “Great Eurasian University Complex”.

Conclusion based on the mutual desire of the parties to cooperate on a new level with the purpose of extending the Memorandum of cooperation, exchange experience and strengthen friendly relations.

Memorandum the Mission is the consolidation and intensification of efforts of the culinary specialists of Russia and Kazakhstan with the support of ANO “Great Eurasian University Complex” in improving nutrition of the population, improve the level of service, revival of national traditions and national cuisines, as well as enhanced communication with the world Association of chefs under the auspices of WACS (world Association of community chefs). The main focus is on training, seminars, workshops, exchange of personnel, organization of freelancing-the centre for training the personnel of contact zone for maintenance events.

This Memorandum aims at the following objectives:

• to promote the study and development of regional culinary schools, their dissertation, with the interchange;

• actively participate and assist in dissemination of domestic and foreign experience of mass catering companies, to promote training and improvement of professional skill of the cooks and other workers in the industry;

• organize and facilitate professional festivals, Championships, Olympic competitions of national cuisines in Russia, Kazakhstan and abroad, culinary shows, tastings, various charity events;

• to provide Advisory and methodological assistance in the main areas of professional activity, to inform on the theoretical and practical innovations in the field of gastronomy and service, new domestic and foreign technologies, promote the development of innovation and invention in the Eurasian space;

• based on the interests of consumers to promote research work in the field of mass catering, introduction of achievements of scientific and technological progress, to make proposals on topical issues of the industry issues that require research and development, to facilitate their implementation;

• to establish and develop contacts with culinary associations in foreign countries, exchange of experience and publications;

• arrange foreign trips of delegations of specialists in the sphere of power to explore foreign cuisines, modern technologies and services, exchange of experience, to give lectures, present papers, receive foreign delegations and specialists;

• to cooperate actively with mass media, industry printing, publishing its own journal, bulletins, pamphlets and other publications in the framework of implementation of statutory objectives;

• support the publication of professional books and textbooks on cooking and service;

• cooperate in the field of scientific-practical activities through organization of joint research on a mutually agreed topics, exchange of teachers, practitioners business.